Part 4 – Review of Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge

Day 6 of PPC – The six human needs, and how to use them
In this session, Tony discusses how all human experiences can be boiled down into four classes, each determined by the pleasure we feel, if it serves us, if it serves others, and if it serves a greater good.

Experience Class Matrix

  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Feels good Yes No Yes No
Is good for you Yes Yes No No
Is good for others Yes Yes No No
Serves the greater good Yes Yes No No

We all love Class 1 experiences; these are the ones that feel effortless for you; things that you really look forward to doing. On the other hand, most people try to avoid Class 2 experiences because they get any pleasure from it.

On the flip side, we have Class 3 experiences that feel good, but ultimately destroy our quality of life and give us pain. An example of a Class 3 experience would be eating to excess; it feels good in t the moment, but ultimately it will lead to poor health. Finally, Class 4 experiences are negative through and through. An example here would be smoking, which most people would say doesn’t feel good the first time they did it, yet they continued to do it… and we all know the long-term effects of smoking.

According to Tony, the key to a happy and fulfilling life is turning Class 2 experiences – the ones you try to avoid despite them being good for you and others – into Class 1 experiences. But how? The secret is understanding and using the six basic human needs, which are:

  1. Certainty – feeling of comfort
  2. Uncertainty – variety, surprise
  3. Significance – sense that we are unique in some way
  4. Love and Contribution – sense of connection with others
  5. Growth – everything that is alive is either growing or dying… we need to grow
  6. Contribution – a need to grow beyond ourselves

This session’s assignment is to take a good look at a Class 2 experience in your life and then analyse the six basic needs to find out how that experience ranks for each need. Then, figure out what you could do to make that experience a positive one in each of the six basic needs, which then turns it into a Class 1 experience.

My thoughts
Since I listened to this session, I have used my new knowledge of the 6 human needs several times, both in comprehension my own motivation and the motivation of other people. In particular, this new knowledge has helped me better understand why I tend to avoid taking certain actions, even though I know these actions would ultimately benefit me.

So, this is a great session that provides indispensible understanding of what motivates human behaviour.

Day 7 of PPC – RPM, the Rapid Planning Method
If we’re really honest with ourselves, we’ll all admit that we’ve set goals for ourselves and then never followed through with action to achieve that goal. Haven’t you ever set a New Year’s resolution—like getting back in shape, for example—and then did nothing, or very little to achieve it? Maybe you went out and joined a gym, and worked out a few times, but you were pretty much done by February or March. I know I’ve been guilty of that! The reason? It’s because I didn’t have a compelling enough reason and a good enough plan.

In this session, Tony focuses on time—specifically achieving what you want to achieve in the time you have. Most of us have tried our hand at various methods to manage our time, from calendars to day planners and agendas on our laptops or smartphones. And I would guess that most of us have used those tools to some level of success, but we really didn’t achieve what we want to achieve. Here, Tony introduces us to a method he calls RPM, the Rapid Planning Method, which turns our focus on what we want to achieve, and why, rather than on our ‘to-do’ lists.

In brief, RPM boils down to answering three questions:

  1. What’s the result I want to achieve?
  2. Why do I really want it?
  3. What’s my plan to achieve it?

The assignment for this session is to look at several areas of your life – for example, your health, finances, family, career, etc. – determine what you’d like to achieve in that area in the next 90 days, the next 30 days and this week, then think about why you want to achieve it and then come up with a MAP (Massive Action Plan) to achieve your outcome.

My thoughts
As I mentioned in one of my earlier reviews, the first step to getting anywhere is knowing where you want to go. This session really helped me take a look at several areas of my life where I felt I needed to make some improvements. I completed this session several weeks ago, and at the time I wrote down actions I intended to take to achieve my goals. Looking back on my notes, I’m happy to say that I’m still on track with most of them. So, I’d have to say that RPM is a worthwhile method to achieving your goals.

Next up: the Get the Edge sessions…

11 thoughts on “Part 4 – Review of Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge

  1. Hi Mike:

    I am just writing to you to follow-up on the The Tony Robbins program, The Ultimate Edge. I am particulary intersted in the Blueprint CD which I believe is the 3rd Session of the Inner Strength section of the program. Did you reach that point into the program yet? Do you have any notes on that. Thanks.



    • Hello again. Actually, I found the information I was seeking. There has been at least 3 different “Ultimate Edge” packages offered over the years. One includes things like “New Money Masters” and ~2 PowerTalk CDs. An older Ultimate Edge package before that one contained a ~10 disc PowerTalk collection.

      The one that you have, is the newest one and contains “Inner Strength”. Session 1 is the same that you can download free from from Session 2, is actually Day 1 “Your Hour of Power” of the original Get The Edge. And the first 3 discs of Get The Edge in the Ultimate Edge series is actually different from the original Get The Edge that is sold separately. I’m gonna guess that Session 3 Inner Strength is entirely new. And another thing about this new Ultimate Edge package is that it has an exclusive DVD called “The Master Advantage”.

      Just a side note, the only relation that “Inner Strength” has with “Inner Strength Films” is that one of the 2 DVDs in Ultimate Edge is one of the 3 Inner Strength Films. Not sure why they have to use the same titles to things that have no correlation to eachother. Sure makes things confusing.

      I think this info was what Paul was looking for.


  2. Hi Mike:
    I’m reading through your review of Ultimate Edge. I’m trying to see if it is worth getting if one already owns Personal Power Classic, Get the Edge.

    I’ve gotten Session 1 of Ultimate Edge through Session 2, interestingly enough titled “Your Hour of Power” is actually the title of my first CD for Get the Edge. My Get the Edge program is old. It is actually a 7 day program. With an bonus day 8 at the end.

    If you don’t mind taking a minute to help out a stranger who randomly found your blog through google… Can you answer these 3 questions?

    1. What is the title of the first CD of Get The Edge (from your Ultimate Edge package)?
    2. What is the title of the last CD of Get The Edge?
    3. What is the title of Inner Strength: Session 3?

    Thanks a million!


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    • @neevaN, From what I have listened to of Tony Robbins, the 4 primal needs will always be met, regardless of whatever ” vehicles” are used to arrive at them. So it is not a question of having your needs minimized or to have them nurtured. The 4 primal human needs determine why you do what you do.


      • I agree Paul.

        neevaN, we also have to remember that these are ‘needs’, not ‘wants’. Everyone on the planet has these same 6 needs; where we differ is the priority we place on certain needs over the other needs. For example, I may value certainty over variety (uncertainty), yet I still need both.


  4. Hello ~ I’ve read the 1-4 part reviews of Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge and have really enjoyed them; however, on the bottom of “Part 4” it says, “Next up: the Get the Edge sessions…” But there’s no link to part 3 of the course (“Part 3: Get the Edge (7 days/session)”). Is that something you wrote about? If, so, what is the link?


    • Hi Haley. Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading my blog!

      I have been meaning to write the other parts to my review of Ultimate Edge, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Other life priorities, so to speak, have gotten in the way. I will strive to get it done very soon.

      Until then, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


  5. Hi Mike,
    Your review is comprehensive and very interesting. I’d like to ask you, it’s been about 4 years since you’ve done this program, looking back, how do you feel about it? Do you feel that it helped you a lot? Changed your life? If yes, in what areas specifically? Does what you’ve learned still interest you now? Would you recommend this to family or friends?

    I hope I’m not intruding and I look forward to your response.



    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the questions and for reading the blog. Yes, I think the program has helped me, and continues to help me even four years later. Did it change my life? Well, I’d have to say there have been no massive changes. But that’s not to say it couldn’t. One of the things Tony Robbins says in the program is that we get what we ‘must’ have. So for me, major changes were not a must.

      One thing I have found is that I have a much better understanding of people’s behavior.

      I do still struggle with change in certain areas of life, so I go back and listen to various parts of the program once in a while. For example, if I’m struggling with keeping in shape, I’ll go back and listen to the session about energy, or I’ll do the Hour of Power session.

      I have recommended the program to both family and friends. The one piece of advice I always give them is what you get from the program is directly related to what you put into it. Listening to the CDs will give you knowledge, but the real key is to take action.

      If you’re not sure about purchasing the program, you can always download the first session for free online. Or, there are plenty of Tony Robbins videos on YouTube; check those out and you’ll get a good idea of what’s in the program.

      Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

      All the best,



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