What are your Defining Moments?

If you’ve read my blog, you know that several years ago I started to write a book called ‘Defining Moments’. It was going to be about those moments in the lives of very successful people when they reached a crossroads, or made a decision that affected the rest of their lives. I never completed the book, and sadly, the subject of the first chapter of Defining Moments, Mr. Marvin Traub, passed away in July 2012.

I hadn’t really thought much about my book project in quite a while until I heard about Mr. Traub’s passing. Lately, I’ve been thinking more about it, but I’d like to change the focus somewhat. What about the defining moments of ordinary people, who are successful in their own way, but aren’t famous or have the notoriety of a prestigious job.

I’d like to know, dear blog readers, what are your defining moments? Continue reading

Marvin Traub – Rest in Peace

I was saddened today to learn of the death of Mr. Marvin Traub, the former Bloomingdale’s executive and retail legend. He was 87.

I met Mr. Traub seven years ago, when I was trying to write a book called Defining Moments. He didn’t know me, but he was gracious enough to take two hours out of his busy day to tell me his life story. While I never published the book, I did write the chapter on Mr. Traub, which you can read here.

Mr. Traub’s professional success is without question, but what I will remember of him is the kindness he showed me.

Thank you Mr. Traub. Rest in Peace.

Defining Moments: Marvin Traub—The Man Who Made Bloomingdale’s Bloom

A few years ago, in 2005, I decided to write a book about the moments in successful people’s lives that really defined their destinies; what I called ‘defining moments’. Through a work colleague, I was introduced to Marvin Traub, the former CEO of Bloomingdales. I flew to New York, interviewed Mr. Traub, and wrote the first chapter of the book.

While I have not published the book yet, I’m posting Mr. Traub’s chapter because I think his story should be told. I hope you enjoy it!

Part 1 – Building the Foundation

Part 2 – Growing Up

Part 3 – A legendary retail career begins

Part 4 – Being Different—Bloomingdale’s Transformation

Part 5 – Retailing is Entertainment

Part 6 – A New Beginning

Part 7 – Defining Success

Many thanks to Peter Hart of Rideau Recognition Solutions and Ralph Destino, former Chairman of Cartier Inc. for introducing me to Mr. Traub.